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Every cat-lover should have a Devon Rex once in their lifetime.Twila – little pixie in the sunshine – kitten photoFor a kitten of your own, see right side of page —>Welcome to Neon-Cat Devon Rex, home of the friendliest Devon cats and Devon kittens in th

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Cat senses are adaptations that allow cats to be highly efficient predators.Cats have acute sight, [dubious – discuss] hearing and smell, and their sense of touch is enhanced by long whiskers that protrude from their heads and bodies.

A collection of interesting cat facts, trivia and snippets that feline lovers will enjoy.

For every type of person in the world, there is a breed of cat that will suit his or her taste and lifestyle. Here are the top 10 cat breeds.

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The domestic cat is believed to have evolved from the Near Eastern wildcat, whose range covers vast portions of the Middle East westward to the Atlantic coast of Africa.

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